2 Simple Ways to Make Your Business Stand Out?

make your business stand out

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Whether you’re a startup or an existing business, you’d face competition and would like to make your business stand out. This begets the question, how do you make your business compete effectively? The first step to achieve is to have a “Unique Selling Point”, your customers should be able to recognize. This article would give you some tips to achieve this, so let’s dive in.

Using your Unique Selling Point to Make Your Business Stand Out

You need to determine what makes you different from your competitors. Is it service delivery? Or a superior product? And if you don’t know what your unique selling point is, you can simply study your competitors, look for loopholes and offer something better. I want to discuss USP in terms of branding and product/services.


There is a parlance we use in my native country, “all na packaging”, which loosely means branding. Amongst the things you need to make your business stand out is branding, this affects what people think about your business, and how likely they are to buy from you. Some business owners think branding is the domain of the big players, with the use of online marketing, you can get your brand to your target market without spending like the big guys.

Branding covers all aspects of your business from logo, colors, product/service delivery, customer care, website, and so on. You need to get this right, potential customers just have a few seconds/minutes to decide whether or not your brand is for them.

According to Bit.ly, an average of 58% of consumers have tried a new brand in the last three months they never existed a year ago.

Your Employees

We can’t talk about branding, and leave out the personnel that would drive it. You need to let them understand what your brand stands for, what you stand for, etc. As they are building your brand, also help them build their personal brands, some customers analyze your business through your employees, they see them as a true reflection of your brand.

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You can easily make your business stand out if what you’re selling is unique, but if they’re not, below are some factors you need to consider so you can compete well.

·       Price:

·       Location

·       Customer service and support

·       Supply chain

·       Expertise.


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