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Most businesses downplay the need for business management software (ERP). It is most times complex to facilitate communication and integration with all aspects and units of your business, while also streamlining processes, gathering, storing, processing, and interpretation of data from different sources into a single database?

You can’t achieve the above functionalities without business management software. However, if you still feel you don’t the software, below are some signs that might spur you to get one.


1.      Discrepancies/inconsistency in your accounts:

If you notice money is coming in but don’t know how it is going out, makes you keep having cash-flow problems. And you want to know the actual situation of things or you are tired of the manual way of operating your accounts.

It is high time you get a business management software (Accounting or ERP software).

2.      Deficient reporting:

From over two decades of experience in the industry, a large percentage of our esteemed customers always ask us questions like, “can we generate reports?”“does your software have reports generation?”, “what reports can we generate?” and so on.

Once you’re not getting the right information about the business, you’re bound to be taking the wrong decisions. With the “right” tool this can be avoided. The “Business Intelligence” that comes with most business management software, it helps to generate reports from each unit whenever and however you want it.

3.      Variations in Inventory Numbers:

If you notice discrepancies between the inventory counts in your records and the actual count on the shelves/warehouse, it is high time you automate the whole processes to monitor all activities from point of entry to exit. Variation can mean a loss in revenue.

Or do you also have too much or too low inventory, with business management software you can determine the actual quantity you’d need to reduce expenses and have more cash flow.

4.      Remote Access/Working:

With mobile technology and the COVID-19 pandemic, many people have welcomed working remotely. If your business still runs manually, it is high time you get a cloud solution.

You need to be able to see information outside your office e.g. when you’re on a trip/vacation.

5.      Using Outdated Methods:

This here might be what is hindering your business from innovation, you might have come across the phrase “that’s how we do it”. True, it might work for you, but the question is, is that the best way to do it? is this a sustainable strategy? can my business adjust to the latest demands of the industry? can I keep up with my competition? And so on.

A sure to out of this is to get a software or upgrade your current one to do the heavy lifting for you so that you can sit back and control it, that’s all.

6.      Losing Customers/Clients:

I tell people this, customers are the bedrock of any business. If you’re not making sales or generating revenue, your business is on the edge. You need to manage both your prospects, new and old customers effectively. Answering customers’ complaints, managing your sales, and marketing personnel are also important.

All the above can be managed using CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software. With the clicks of the button, you’re on your way to freedom.

Conclusively, you need to make out time to analyze your business so you can determine the actual business management you really need. This would save you time and money in the long run.


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Tijani Olayiwola Ahmed:
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