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Defining your goals towards the beginning of another year is a common practice, it can be spending more time with family and friends, embarking on those adventures you’ve always wanted and more. Business goals are all the same.

In view of this, what plans do you have for 2020? What would you like to accomplish and how will you achieve them?

In case you don’t have business goals yet or you have but don’t know how to achieve them. Below are some tips to help you achieve them.

  1. Focus on a few business goals

Having much business goals is not advisable, just setting a few (1-3) major business goals is key. It is much more achievable, less stressful and more workable.

Most small business owners are guilty of attempting to do everything and be involved in all aspects of the business, doing this leads to stress and decreased efficiency.

Delegate duties so it can free up more time for you to focus on your business goals.

  • Focus on the good moments

If I tell you the road to achieving your goals would be smooth, that’s would be a lie. What can keep you going is to focus on the good moments and not the problems.

How you respond and attitude to the problems is what would make or mar your business goals, always think and believe that in every circumstance, there is an opportunity.

  • Be aspiring (and practical) with your business goals

Don’t just write a plan and think that is all. You should ask yourself, are my goals ambitious and practical.

Outline how you want to achieve your goals, also tweak them when the need arises without losing the main the focus of the goal.

Digital tools like Trello, Asana, Airtable can help to organize your tasks.

  • Think about issues your customers and employees have

There can varying issues regarding your industry. However, most organizations can improve on their staff working hours flexibility, welfare and communication with customers.

  • Measure What you do

Most business goals are centered on improving the performances from previous years. e.g. developing long-term strategic relationships with our client.

The adage “what gets measured gets done” is very true. And the sense of accountability created by setting targets, and planning will keep you on track.

I would encourage you to measure what you do, so you can understand which activities affects your organization and discontinue those activities that don’t deliver.

Take time out to make sure what you do aligns with your company values, don’t chase the money alone. Seek to add value while also not compromising on your values.

  • Embrace the cloud

Migrate all your accounting and operations software to the cloud and go digital with all your paperwork, this would enable your team to work remotely and communicate with each other seamlessly.

  • Make yourself answerable

To achieve this, you can set deadlines or tell someone, chances are the person you told would ask about it and you won’t like to disappoint.

Your business goals should be significant and inspirational. Dream big and then steps to achieve them little by little.


Defining objectives and attempting to accomplish them can truly put your business on the front foot. Breaking your yearly objectives into month-to-month ones, for instance, can assist you with focusing on the means required to accomplish them.

Irrespective of your goals, make sure you put them into writing for measurement of your progress.

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