Before Implementing an ERP: 3 Must-Ask Questions

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Yes, the decision has been made to procure new ERP software due to the obvious advantages and efficiencies your business will get from it. However, before implementing an ERP, I need to tell you without sugarcoating that it is not as easy as taking candy from a baby.

When it comes to ERP software, it will take some time before you start seeing improved productivity from the day the project commenced. You should also know that there are ERP software consultants/vendors that will make you wonder why you didn’t implement the software earlier, and there are others that will make you regret leaving your old system or ways.

In light of this, the essence of this article is to help you avoid the latter experience by asking these three important questions mentioned below.

Is this the right software for my business requirements?

Before an ERP implementation, you should ask yourself whether you need an ERP software that works or an ERP software that is the best fit for your business, i.e., it fits into business processes, culture, and industry.

In furtherance to this, you need to find a software vendor that will invest the time to learn about your business and has experience in implementing the software in your industry. This will also help to determine the right software for your business.

This type of vendor will even add more value to you beyond the software.

Training of your employees or end-users

One thing is to deploy the software, another is its usage. Surely, there will be a learning curve, but the concern is how the curve will be navigated. Mind you, employees vary when it comes to adopting new things.

When it comes to training, it is majorly the job of the software vendor. Most adopt the approach of sending documents and videos of the software. However, the best approach is to champion the training face-to-face or remotely with videos and documentation.

This is the approach we adopt here at SOFTCODES.

Make sure you insist on hands-on training for your employees, this way they get to learn some things not mentioned in the videos, and also build a working relationship with the software vendor.

After going live, what next?

Another question to ask before implementing ERP software is, “What will happen after we go live?” Yes, you have been trained on how to use the ERP system. But the truth is, you can’t know it all within the period of your training, as ERP is a robust system.

You should consider a vendor who is aware of this concern and will be prompt in answering your questions that will surely arise.

At SOFTCODES, we have what we call “handholding.” After the training and go-live, we support you for three months officially (it sometimes extends to 4-5 months).

And in most cases, it is the personnel that trained your employees that we delegate the task to, as he/she already has a working relationship with your employees or end users.

From the answers to the questions above, you can see that they are must-ask. Well, we still have people who take shortcuts to get to the software finish line fast. 

Don’t be like them, as the software will affect your business in the long run. As a result, before implementing an ERP, ensure you, your software vendor, and the software are all on the same page.

Tijani Olayiwola Ahmed:
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