Fear of Implementing Business Management Software

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Experience from years of Softcodes deploying business management software, we’ve witnessed skepticism and fear of implementing business management software first hand. These fears cut across both the business leaders and employees.

This skepticism and fear can arise from various reasons like high cost, fear of the project failing, job security, and so on.

It will interest you to know that, despite the fears, most businesses know there is a need for them to improve their processes using business management software, or upgrading their current system

Understandably, implementing business management software comes with a lot of risks, it has the potential to disrupt/change the business processes. Because it touches almost every aspect of the business.

Common Fear of Implementing Business Management Software

Business Leaders Fears and Skepticism:

·       The cost of implementation can be significantly high.

·      It’s going to require too much change in my current processes.

·       Would it address my company’s need?

·       What is the ROI on this project?

·       The fear of the project not been delivered on time and taking long.

·       Failure of previous business software.

Employees Fears and Skepticism:

·       Will I be able to get enough training to use the software?

·       Is this software not going to take away my job?

·       I hope I won’t get an additional workload?

Have Contingency Plan

A good step to eliminating fear in implementing business management software is having a plan to mitigate or address them. If you’re afraid the software wouldn’t work, what you should do is do a little research about the best software and vendor. You can read more about it in an article we wrote. Click here to read it.

It is expected that all the fears should be addressed in the project plan.

On the Flipside, from our over twenty-five years of deploying business software, we assist our customers to address the fear of implementing business management software by doing the following before and during deployment of the software.

·       We understand your process

·       We make sure we understand your pain points.

·       In most cases, we also provide business process re-engineering services.

·       We also do hand-holding for about three months post-implementation.

·       We also try to manage or stay clear of organizational politics and so on.

I will also advise you to have a budget and set up a proper project management team that will report to the management.

Truth be told, you can’t mitigate against all risks. But with careful planning, allocation of resources, and commitment from the management, you can forge ahead.

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