Safeguarding Your Business in The Cloud

Safeguarding Your Business in The Cloud

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Safeguarding your business in the cloud has become more necessary than ever. There is always a year on increase in the number of businesses empowering their employees to work from home. To achieve this, a cloud-based business management system is needed to access data, and information through the internet, anywhere and anytime.

This article aims to give you some insights into safeguarding your business in the cloud from threats and risks. And also best practices by experts.

Understanding Cloud Services

There are three main types of cloud services,

·· Storage e.g. Google Drive, Apple iCloud, Dropbox.

·· Software as a Service e.g. Microsoft Office Online, Sage 300 ERP.

·· Infrastructure as a Service, e.g. Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Biggest Threats to Safeguarding Your Business in The Cloud

Below are some ways your business can be attacked in the cloud.

·· System weakness: you can have bugs within your systems.

·· Cyber-attack: this a deliberate attack on your company’s system to infiltrate it.

·· Data Breaches: when sensitive information is stolen

·· Insider threats

·· Abuse and nefarious of cloud services: this is when it is used for other negative uses, i.e. deviating from its original purpose.

·· Lack of cloud security architecture and strategy.

·· Limited cloud usage visibility.

·· Insecure interfaces and APIs.

How to Safeguard Your Business When Using the Cloud

·· Store sensitive data on a local server.

·· Always ensure your cloud service is encrypted before using it.

·· Never access the cloud using a public or unsecured network.

·· Make sure you have a cloud usage policy.

·· Choose your cloud service and SaaS provider carefully.

·· Limit the usage of employees connecting to the office network using their personal devices.

·· Make sure your password has the combination of the following (numbers, symbols, uppercase, and lowercase letters).

·· Always take frequent back up of your data.

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Conclusively, most businesses are unaware of the threats, risks, and weaknesses in their set make safeguarding your business in the cloud more challenging to protect and prevent data loss.

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