Least Cost Formulation

SOFTMIX lets you formulate feed by making adjustment to the inclusion rate or ratio of each ingredient/material in the feed without neglecting the standard balanced ratio of the livestock.

Budget and Production Cost

Reduce production costs by using the appropriate ingredient ratios or suitable alternatives that keep you within your budget.

Suitable Alternatives

This feed formulation software provides a replacement or alternative for an ingredient when the major raw materials for the feed are either scarce or very expensive.

Supplier Management

Softmix manages supplier information and their contact details.

Least Cost Feed Formulation Software.

Softmix provides standard nutritional level of feeds to enable the farmer compare, contrast and correct formulation in order to arrive at a standard or balanced feed formulation.

Various Reports

The feed formulation software provides various reports on feed formulation, e.g., formula details and listing, ingredient and nutrient lists, material planning, and a feed production report for record keeping purposes.

Effective Planning

It has effective material planning and management, which also reduces the high level of theft.


You have guaranteed first class support.

Features of SOFTMIX

For all farmers, feed millers, agricultural consultants and all other operators in the poultry business.

Livestock Performance

Enhance the performance of livestock through a proper and balanced feed ration. thereby increasing your profitability.

Dynamic Formulation

Feeds can be dynamically formulated at least cost by responding to different parameter of list of materials, weather, age of birds etc.

Reduces Error

The feed formulation software eliminates errors in manually calculating nutrients or feed material contents.

Inventory Management

Track stock, keep control over your supplies.

Analysis and Retrieval

Examine the constituents of compounded or formulated feed, and easily retrieve previously stored feed.


The Software can be work can be deployed on your on-premise or cloud environment.