3 Reasons For Employee Payslips To Be Online

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Many years ago, discussions on the need for employee payslips to be online were considered for selected employees. A major criterion then for this selection is employees that have access to “office” computers.

However, advancement in technology has seen a paradigm shift in the need for employee payslips to be online. Technology has also influenced the expectations and interactions of employees. They have fast become a digital workforce that expects things to be done at the touch of a button.

This has brought some challenges for employers, unit heads, especially the Human Resources unit. Employees want to be able to print and view their payslips at the click of a button on their phones or tablets instead of going through a manual or tedious process.

In solving this challenge, it is no longer a question of why go online. Rather, it is a question of when you want to go online.

The Benefit of Employee Payslips To Be Online as a Manager

In this technology age we find ourselves in, irrespective of your industry or business size, one thing is very sure and common, if you don’t adapt to technology, you’d be left behind which can be costly, which I know you don’t want.

With our decades of experience, we’ve seen smaller companies that adapted to changes faster having an edge over bigger ones.

Bringing it into context, when you ensure that employees have non-restricted and 24/7 access to their payslips online, it is a win-win situation.

Furthermore, when their payslips information is readily available, you are being transparent, saving cost, improving your process, reducing error margins, being compliant, and so on.

The Reasons for Employee Payslips To Be Online

Security and Safety

The manual/hard copy payslips are mostly characterized by errors. In addition to these errors, there is also the possibility of confidential information in the payslips falling into the wrong hands.

When choosing your payroll software provider, ensuring that it is safe and secure is very paramount.

One of the benefits of employee payslips being online is the password protection that comes with it, and it is delivered to each employee’s email.

Employee Engagement and Transparency

Another reason for employee payslips to be online is employee engagement and the transparency that comes with it.

When employees feel they are not involved in the payroll process, like changes or deductions in their pay, this can lead to rancour between employer and employees.

This is where the online payslips come in, employees have the opportunity to see for themselves explanations and transparency in terms of their deductions and earnings.

Better Processes and Cost Saving

When payslips are auto-generated and online, it leads to the removal of costly machines, long hours of manual posting, human errors, and making you compliant compared to traditional methods.

In all, making sure your organization delivers high-quality service to your employees is one of the best things you can do for them.

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Tijani Olayiwola Ahmed: