5 Ways to Keep Your Workforce Happy.

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In truth, it is not expected that you haven’t taken steps to keep your workforce happy. Despite your best efforts, it still feels like you can’t win when it comes to making them happy.

Some of the reasons for the roadblocks are that businesses are evolving into more complicated, gender-sensitive, and multi-generational working environments. These roadblocks are also backed by technology and individual preferences.

With that being said, the question is, what are the ways to keep your workforce happy, which will in turn move the organization forward.

Below are some suggestions to keep your workforce happy.

1. Addressing Personal Concerns

Another way to keep your workforce happy is by taking the time to understand the personal difficulties your staff are facing, for example, children’s school fees, loans, retirement concerns, and so on.

In light of this, you can adjust your benefits as a tool to address their concerns instead of trying to anticipate what would be effective for your workforce. Liaise with them to find the ideal balance.

Ensure your benefits program is flexible so that everyone is aware of the customized offers that are available and make it flexible for future adjustments.

2. Communication Preferences

Don’t assume everyone likes to be communicated with in the same way. Some may prefer texting or emailing, while others prefer a voice to the message, like phone calls or face-to-face conversations.

The way to go is to make an effort to reach a consensus among all employees on communication preferences. This should also have established guidelines on the method and response time. You can also shake things up by doing it zigzaggy, so to speak.

Below are some things to consider when designing the preferences.

  • Take into account generational preferences.
  • Make your expectations clear.
  • Urge everyone to use technology.

3. Diverse and Thought Process

As a follow-up to the previous suggestion, every member of your workforce will employ their techniques due to the evolving workplace norms. It is expected of you to accept this diversity and customize accordingly.

A way of accepting this diversity is by encouraging your workforce to comment on the established company norms to achieve inclusiveness and improve the efficiency of your business and customers.

In all of this, ensure you make your objectives clear, and welcome feedback and questions.

4. Clarity and Appreciation

Being specific about what you want from your workforce is important. Let them know your goals and challenges. Don’t keep them in the dark or guessing, and don’t forget to keep your promise and be truthful about the goals you relayed to them, as this breeds respect for you.

In addition, when you appreciate your people for the work they do and politely correct their mistakes with guidelines, it goes a long way to keep your workforce happy.

5. Non-Mixing Amongst Employees

It is typical for members of your workforce to want to stick with their groups and not genuinely get along with their colleagues. Encourage them to mix more and establish common interests.

Urge the younger employees to interact more with older employees because they may provide significant information and expertise about the industry they work in. This will help develop crucial skills for your company.

As a way of promoting mixing amongst your workforce, you can implement any or all of the following:

  • Fund get-togethers
  • Promote sessions or projects that require the input of employees with different skill sets.

Conclusively, to keep your workforce happy, encourage and motivate your workforce to voice their opinions, identify potential trouble issues, and provide a customized/individualized approach to solving them.

Tijani Olayiwola Ahmed:
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