How To Know If You’ve Outgrown the Current ERP Software

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It is no news that accounting/ERP is a necessity for many businesses, and many businesses have adopted it. In light of this, many businesses do not know they’ve outgrown the current ERP software.

Let me break it down, your current ERP was procured because you want to manage your finances and operations. It worked for you in the beginning but is unable to match the additional necessities as your business is scaling. 

Having the wrong ERP software may be doing you more harm than good. It could be damaging to your profits and efficiency. Some business managers/leaders know this truth and are skeptical, while others simply don’t know. The question now is, how do you know you’ve outgrown the current ERP software?

That’s why this article is put together to make you see the red flags or signs.

Signs to Know You’ve Outgrown the Current ERP Software.

Being Compliant

In simple terms, your software should be regulatory compliant. If it isn’t it anymore, you’ve outgrown it.

Spooling of Reports

Another sign that you’ve outgrown the current ERP software is your inability to automatically spool reports that are in line with your current business realities or simply waste time doing it manually.

An Outdated ERP System

Having an ERP itself costs some money to maintain. So, imagine yourself paying a continuous fee for software that is no longer serving its purpose.

In addition, if your ERP provider is telling you they no longer support your ERP software or the version you’re using, it is also a sign you are using an outdated system.

You also lose money when you employ the services of IT or ERP consultants to tweak or stretch the software beyond its capabilities. It is not a sustainable way, and it’ll eventually break down as your business scales.

Lack of Collaboration and Visibility

The output of one department is the input of another. When there is a disconnection, necessary information can get lost or delayed, which in turn affects other departments like the supply chain.

Lagging Performance

When you notice your ERP software frequently lagging, freezing, or slow, this translates to your database having issues with the increased transaction volume due to your business growth.

Syncing Operation

If your ERP software no longer supports and syncs your day-to-day operations, you’ve outgrown the current ERP software. For example, the syncing of the financials and managing the supply chain across all markets or regions.

Tracking and Audit Trails

As the business is growing, there is a need to track the activities of users of the system. This will serve as a checkmate to employees, as you can see the trail of what they did, when they did it, and who did it.

Inconsistency in Figures

Another sign that you’ve outgrown the current ERP software is if the figures you’re getting do not add up. This can be as a result of:

  • Multiple data entry or sources of data.
  • Invoices were not sent on time, etc.

If you can relate to the multiple red flags above, it is a no-brainer that you need to do something about it. A step in this direction is to upgrade your software to a reliable system such as Sage. If you don’t know where to start, just shoot us an email at 


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