Why You Need Business Process Automation

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Business process automation is a concept you might be familiar with, especially if you work in a big business. Still, many smaller businesses might have heard about it but don’t what it exactly comprises.

In basic terms, it is the automation of processes in your business using technology in the form of software or machines. It essentially reduces the need for human intervention. Below are some pre-requisites for business process automation.

·       The process is repetitive.

·       The process needs accuracy and correctness at all times.

·       The process needs to be consistent

Some Benefits of Business Process Automation

·       It simplifies and streamlines business processes.

·       It lowers operating costs, (especially HR costs) since it needs less human intervention.

·       Saves up man-hours that would have been lost.

·       Reduces the risks associated with inefficiency or human efforts.

·       Predictability of your business activities is improved.

·       Enhanced business process consistency.

·       Improve customer satisfaction, e.g. using chatbots for recurring queries.

A Few Examples of Business Process Automation in Action

· Order Management on an E-Commerce Website

For instance, when an order is placed on an e-commerce website by a customer, the order arrives electronically, which in turn triggers different processes.

1.      The cost implication is sent into the accounting software.

2.      The number of items available reduces automatically, and if the item is low in stock, the personnel in charge is alerted automatically through email or notification.

3.      The logistics is also processed automatically to shipped out.

4.      The receipt and invoice are also automatically generated and sent to the customer.

· HR Processes Automation

Amongst the HR issues of an organization are:

1.      Employees being able to fill and update their details.

2.      Seamless sync of the payroll schedule into the accounting software.

3.      Employees viewing leave balances and applications.

But with a fundamental HR and Payroll piloted by Sage, all these issues have been addressed and automated. Click here to check it out.

The reality is, many small and medium-sized businesses do indeed use pieces and bits of business process automation but it is not part of an overall digital transformation strategy.

In terms of tools to carry out this automation, I’ll like to ask you some questions.

a.      Do you have business management software (ERP software) with workflow automation?

b.      If yes to (“a” above), are you really taking advantage of it?

c.       Do you have different software for the different functions but want to integrate them together?

If you answered No to “a” above, kindly reach out to us at bdteam@softcodes.com.ng.

Tijani Olayiwola Ahmed:
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