How to Make Sure Your Business Get the Skills It Needs in 4 Ways

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How does my business get the skills it needs in the face of skills shortages or gaps is the question on the lips of managers when faced with this problem? This is because it affects growth and holds back productivity and innovation.

Skill shortages are fueled by different factors, like technological advancements, government policies, etc. An article written by Myfuture, listed the following as the reasons for skill shortages.

1.      Changes in the global economy.

2.      Skilled personnel deficit in a particular region.

3.      Demography of workers, e.g. mature workers retiring.

4. Low number of qualified and specialized workers.

5.      Technology advancement.

This has also become an issue for recruiters and HR leaders in the war for talent. So the question is, how does this issue get solved? Let’s get into it.

How to Make a Business Get The Skills It Needs.

1. Discover What People Really Want

One of the initial steps to make a business get the skills it needs is to find out what the people with the skillset you seek want, ask yourself questions like, is your organization the right one for them? Do you have the right offer and so on?

Most times, employers and recruiters see this as pay and monetary benefits. Yes, it works but in recent times, people want other non-monetary benefits like remote working, more welfare packages, etc.

According to a study conducted by FlexJobs in 2019, it discovered that 80% of the respondents said they’d be more loyal to their employers if there are flexible work options. While the study by Rogers Gray in 2015 said, over 40% of employees said their loyalty will increase if the company’s benefits options are customized to individual needs.

Basically, it boils down to understanding the kind of people you want and what drives them. Demonstrating a readiness to be adaptable and customizing benefits could make your business substantially more appealing to capable job seekers.

2. Strengthening Existing Personnel

Sometimes, making sure your business gets the skill it needs isn’t about recruiting a new individual(s). It is totally possible that the individual that will give your business the skill it needs is already an existing employee that just needs nurturing.

It is possible that with the proper training, your employees can be equipped with the skill your business needs.

One of the benefits of this strategy is that you know them and they know you. Also, it saves you on the costs and risks of recruiting a new individual.

3. Adopting Apprenticeship and Internship Strategy.

When you have apprenticeship and internship as a recruitment strategy, you’d be reducing costs on training and recruitments, increasing your productivity, reducing your risks, and developing personnel with the required skills your business actually needs.

4. Developing Partnerships with Education.

Another way for a business to get the skill it needs is by collaborating with educational institutions like universities, schools, or other educational programs like career events, mentoring programs, student challenges, and so on.

However, it might involve you contributing to knowledge by sharing resources, career guidance, industry standards, etc.

In conclusion, addressing skills gaps and a business getting the skills it needs can be a big test. However, it is a test that can be overcome.

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