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Our business software are for small to large business irrespective of your industry. 

Sage 200 Evolution ERP

A cost-effective business management solution that gives full control with smart, cost-effective software for managing businesses.

Sage 200 Evolution delivers an entire business management solution. It’s the new way to work.

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Sage 300cloud

Get business-wide visibility over financial, operational, sales, and customer service departments, with customized dashboards, reporting, and business intelligence options.

Access transactional data anytime, anywhere. Improve productivity with real-time key performance indicators and visual process flows.

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Sage Pastel Payroll

It ensures you process your payroll accurately and manage your people efficiently. The Sage Pastel Payroll & HR software product suite has a range of optional modules designed to improve your business performance.

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To achieve this, the software has the capacity to formulate feed with a facility to input and make adjustments to the inclusion rate or ratio of each ingredient or material in the feed.

The feed analyzer section of the package can analyze the formulated feed or a compounded constituent feed ingredients supplied.

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Sage 300 People

An agile, innovative, and cost-effective HR solution that effortlessly and powerfully processes HR and payroll functions in your business.

Its world-class capabilities include fast and efficient system implementation, security, stability and improved processes, real-time online design for easy monitoring and reduced risk and universal calculation engine for simpler calculations across functions.

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Sage X3

More than ERP, manage your entire business, at a lower cost and on a global scale.

Sage X3 is changing how businesses compete and grow, by delivering faster, simpler, and more flexible financial, supply chain, and production management at a fraction of the cost and complexity of typical ERP systems.

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SoftFarm and SoftBus

They take care of your farm and/or small businesses. It manages pens/ponds, administration, sales, receivables, purchases, payables, inventory, financials, feed production, payroll, and fixed asset register.

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